We are a close team of development professionals, data scientists and Technology experts.

Our Mission
Data-driven decision making for intelligently designed interventions

Ank Aha! is a social enterprise that concentrates specifically on providing technological and data driven development solutions for improving governance and decision making. Ank Aha is a “GovTech” specialist that has experience and proficiency in building Management Information Systems, Resource Planning Systems, Mobile Applications, Dashboards and specialist Artificial Intelligence tools for analyzing big data. It has a very close partnership with Swaniti Initiative, a not-for-profit organization working on developmental issues with elected officials like Members of Parliament, administrative officers like District Magistrates and Ministries in both State and National governments.  Ank Aha also works with other social enterprises, research and policy think tanks, trusts/philanthropies to provide technology, data and policy support for aiding in governance.

The logic behind this fancy name?

"Ank se Aha!"


अँ (Ang) and अः (Ah) – are probably two vowels of Hindi language, which are often missed in common language due to their subtle nature. Subtle as they are they do provide a deeper meaning to the characters where they are added and noticed. The unique beauty of these two often forgotten degrees of expression has inspired our name. Ank Aha, much like its name sake vowels strives to provide subtle but important meaning and character to the masses of data available in governance domain. Ank Aha provides precise and context specific analytics for better decision making using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

A second “Double Entendre” to our Unique Name is that it also represent our daily discovery of new inferences from data and numbers. To analyze numbers “Ank” to deliver a new revelation “Aha!”.

At Ank Aha! we are always getting a step closer to the change we want to see in India

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