Dabbling with Data: Healthcare in Rajasthan

  Dabbling with Data : Healthcare in Rajasthan   Only in an alternate universe would one have thought of Indian governmental institutions as lean business enterprises underpinned by interoperable information systems and robust business processes. However,... read more

Health Insurance Schemes in India

Health Insurance Schemes in India   Each time the American Presidential Election is around the corner, health insurance becomes a dominant topic of discourse across households and media outlets. Indian Parliamentary and Assembly Elections, unlike the American... read more

The Renewable Energy Revolution

The Renewable Energy Revolution   For the better part of the last century, India, like other countries in the world, built massive dams and large thermal plants to provide power to millions in the countryside. While this resulted in households across the country... read more

Angular 2 : The Language of our Times

Angular 2 : The Language of our Times   I had been itching to learn a new computing language for quite some time, when a friend told me about Angular 2. I was aware of Angular’s existence for it has been universally praised, and more and more websites were... read more

Society, Governance & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Society, Governance & The Fourth Industrial Revolution   In addition to the overwhelming hate and hostility, Twitter regularly produces some of the most creative, prescient and nuanced witticisms. Sample this tweet that satirises Delhi’s road-rage notoriety,... read more

Simplifying Surveys

Simplifying Surveys   Data is touted as the new currency of the twenty first century. Designing a good questionnaire can be the difference between solid reliable data and a bunch of meaningless numbers. Governance in the 21st century is going to be increasingly... read more

Data Collection in Uttarakhand

Data Collection in Uttarakhand   Nestled safely some 7000 feet above sea level in the Pindar valley, is the pristine village of Khati. One legend has it that the residents of Khati are the direct descendants of those who had sheltered the keepers of good... read more

A View from the Field

A View from the Field   Three miles from the pristine beach of Dagara, Balasore there was a marquee setup outside a Government Upper Primary school. A similar setup had been placed in in Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendras, Community centers and Anganwadi centers at seven... read more