Objective Insights for Better Decisions

Learn how we used data to improve law and order

Improving Performance of Delivery

for smart decision making

Better Planning and Preparing

Understand how  we used predictive analytics to help drought-prone regions

Improving Performance. Supporting Preparation. Developing Plans.

Maximizing Impact.

Ank Aha! aims to leverage data and technology in order to improve decision making processes to create maximum social impact. We generate “Aha” moments as we delve in to data to provide key insights that can have a catalytic impact on delivery of programs. Ank Aha! works with governments, multilateral agencies and foundations from across the world to create impact. We are a team of data-nerds, policy wonks and geeky-coders who are excited about using data to create ground-level impact.

We work in the data eco-system to be able to


data in the most difficult regions around the world through our online and offline platform



information critically to identify trends, patterns and key actionable insights



tools that help in effective decision-making for programs on the ground


Take Action

based on key recommendations and insights that emerge from the data and technology tools


We have created a significant community impact

Data points collected that provide real life insight on issues in community

million USD of unutilized funding from agencies across the world toward development

Number of lives improved through direct feedback on various programs

communities partnered with to bring developmental progress

We work with the kind and terrific support of our partners