Ank Aha is a team of passionate data scientists, committed development experts and engaged technology professionals

Our Mission
Leveraging data and technology to effectively and efficiently deliver on development programs across the world

Ank Aha! is a social enterprise believe that good data can lead to better decision making. And better decision making can mean strong implementation. We have brought together policy and development experts who understand the issues on delivering public services and combined them with a team of data and technology experts to turn the problem in to solutions. Subsequently, we have built Management Information Systems, Resource Planning Systems, Mobile Applications, Dashboards and specialist Artificial Intelligence tools for analyzing big data that focus on creating the most social impact. We work through data to find “Aha” moments which can translate in to insights on developmental programs.

Analytics that help you discover

At Ank Aha! we are always getting a step closer to the change we want to see in India

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