Development Data Solutions

Changing the way development and governance is delivered. Ank Aha is a social enterprise with expertise in software development for Collection, Analysis and Dissemination of data and insights for delivering development objectives.

Survey Tech

Survey technologies that allow data collection from diverse environments. We use SMS, Mobile Applications and Survey Tablets, amongst other tools for actual field data collection. We also plug into existing data sources and install IOT type devices for long term temporal data collection.

Analysis Tech

Analysis technologies include big-data work flows for consuming large amounts of data to deliver relevant, succinct and consumable data points. Further we have expertise in deploying machine learning algorithms for optimizing outcomes and improving efficiency.

Engagement Tech

Engagement tools make it simple for users to get the right data at the right time for better decision making. Engagement technologies include mobile application for smartphones, online dashboards and real time information systems, to deliver data and insights to users.

What We Offer

AnkAha is a social enterprise that is engaged in creating, designing and improving technology tools that will improve lives of people at the base of the pyramid to create developmental impact. Ankh Aha has a specific focus on governance tools where we intend on using technology as a medium for more efficient decision making. AnkAha’s team draws coders, designers and data scientists from premier institutions and firms.

To improve access to information at all levels of government for better decision making and delivering development outcomes to the base of the pyramid.

AnkAha is a social enterprise believes in doing well while doing good. Thus we work with a zeal to bring revolutionary changes in governance and development through technology. We believe in tackling some of the most difficult challenges to enable development outcomes and work hard to deliver sustainable and scalable solutions.

Partners on Projects:

  • Non Profits NGOs 45% 45%
  • Government Bodies 35% 35%
  • Administrators and elected officials 20% 20%

Need Assesment

Gain detailed understanding of the development outcome of the project. Based on this understanding, research the sources of information available and end user environment. Work with the project partner to define a project specification.

Technology Development

Design and optimize User Interfaces and application User eXperience with the end users in mind. Use scrum methodology to set weekly development cycles to deliver against set schedules.

User Support and Deployment

Field level implementation and hand-holding for the technology deployment. Life-cycle support and product management and maintenance for successful development outcome.

Contact Us

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