Do you feel there is too much data and not enough information?

Not with us! We provide data in an easy to understand format and build tools for driving discourse

Elected Representatives

We inform the elected representatives through tools for planning and monitoring development activities in their constituencies. We provide them public data for their constituencies so that they can effectively monitor scheme performance in DISHA meetings and channel their local area development funds in the regions that require them the most.

District Administration

Realizing the complexity of departmental and funding structure at district level, we provide the DMs and SPs with tools to manage their district effectively. These tools are driven by data already available with the district. We also provide tools for integration of district scheme MISs; and AI systems for identifying right beneficiaries and avoiding duplicates.


The citizens are the cornerstone of all our interventions. We create tools for increasing awareness about Government schemes and inform citizens of their rights and duties. We also create tools to provide citizens a direct medium for interacting with their representatives. We send some of the brightest minds on-ground to solve some of most pertinent problems.

We believe health interventions should be planned locally.

Checkout our comprehensive health planning and assessment mobile application – Swasthya Samiksha

Build a Smart City in Collaboration

Track progress of projects within sectors, locate projects near you and upload photos, interact with the Smart City Pvt. Ltd. and participate in citizen engagement programs like Run for Smart City, etc.

Right to Information

Know about schemes you are eligible for. Track your district’s performance in various scheme implementations. Get notified of urgent events and participate in building better policies.

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