We have built systems to automate the process of cleaning and correlating data insights


Data cleaning, matching, merging and analysis tools to help mine and analyze data

Data Cleaning

Data Quality Management processes are vital for making the right decisions. Our algorithms run on huge data sets to flag errors, remove redundancies and highlight anomalies before metrics are calculated so that you make the right decision based on the right information.

Data Matching

We combine multiple open and primary data sources to make a single, exhaustive and non-redundant database. Use our Master Data Mining and Matching tools to establish a single source of truth for all your research to  save time and money.

Big Data Management

Don’t drown in the tsunami of data. Shift from reactive to proactive technologies, use multiple channels to tailor solutions, incorporate real time insights and understand complex patterns using our big data capabilities.

The Process

We combine multiple third party and open government data across various sectors such as infrastructure, healthcare, education, livelihoods and demographic data with an exhaustive data base of primary data collected by us and our partners to create a comprehensive source of information that is easy and ready to use.  Our servers run multiple data checks formulated and applied based on our knowledge of public data sets.  Comprehensive machine learning algorithms then match these data sets to establish a single source of truth. This data is then merged into a data model that allows for easy access to multiple sources of information. 

Our Data Management tools can help you increase your organisational efficiency and ensure accuracy in data based decision making.

Our technical capabilities

Handle large datasets easily
Integration with multiple types of datasets
Process large datasets in real time
Artificial Intelligence based algorithms for data processing
Natural Language Processing algorithms to interpret text
Friendly user experience
Multi-layer data security features
User access control systems for better management

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