Reducing Road Accidents in Kohlapur

Systematic mitigation of road accidents on National Highway 4


The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways conducted an exercise in 2015 to determine the number of accident prone black spots on the National Highways. Maharashtra identified 34 such black spots, of which 27 lied on NH4 running between thane and Chennai. We were tasked with collecting data for road accidents and identifying hotspots within the Kohlapur District on the NH4 that were most prone to accidents along with citing recommendations to reduce such accidents.


We decided to extract traffic data and use spatial analytics tools to provide recommendations for effective patrolling by Kohlapur Traffic Police.



We worked with the Kohlapur Police to collect details of accidents under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and geo-tag the location of all such accidents in the previous years. Secondary data such as time of accident, type of vehicles and parties involved was also collected.


Using our spatial analytics tools, public locations such as restaurants, hospitals, ATMs, residential areas and other similar areas were mapped and analysed against the details of past accidents on the NH4. Projections were made to identify most common accident hotspots.


By identifying the exact hot spots for traffic accidents and analysing metrics such as the type of vehicles most likely to collide, most probable time of accident, etc. the Kohlapur Police was able to calibrate patrolling duties on the NH4 to reduce fatalities due to road accidents.