Ank Aha! Survey Manager

Create surveys in minutes, assign and manage surveyors, collect data OFFLINE, data analytics and lot more…



Create your own multilingual questionnaire

  • Simply drag and drop question type and add questions.

  • Select from wide range of 15 question types.

  • Record location, click pictures and many more features within questions.

  • Utilise our range of field-tested questionnaire templates.

  • Live-preview your questions on mobile


Multi-level management for large-scale surveys

  • Formulate a team of coordinators

  • Develop questionnaire by working together

  • Formulate a team of surveyors and assign them to coordinators

  • Divide people into teams

  • Bulk upload surveyors and assign surveys to teams


Fill surveys and seamlessly sync data online

  • Download and sign up on Survey Manager mobile app

  • Work offline on assigned questionnaires

  • Check your performance as compared to other surveyors/respondent.

  • View anomalies while you fill the questions to ensure data quality

  • Bulk sync data collected and manage your surveys


Oversee where your surveyors are surveying

  • View real-time survey location

  • Cluster locations to visualize the geographical spread of surveys

  • Link survey answers to a location

  • Filter results based on response to questions

  • Geo-analyse survey responses and form clusters


Monitor team performance

  • Get notified when surveys are synced

  • Visualize velocity of surveys being conducted

  • Rank performance of survey managers

  • Visualise and rank the performance of geographical entities

  • Periodic reporting of project completion

Ank Aha! Survey Manager Tutorials

Create a Survey on Survey Manager

Adding new surveyor and assigning survey

Conduct Survey offline and sync data

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