Unified Platform for Assessment Analysis and Implementation

UPAAI is a tool that assists Members of Parliament and District Magistrates in their various functions. The objective of the tool is to serve as a singular, consolidated solution for challenges that MPs and DMs face while discharging their respective duties.


MPLADS Tracker

  • Sort and process requests received at the MPs office
  • Monitor status of recommendations made to DM
  • Track progress of projects and share on social media
  • Access important circulars and best case practices through the Knowledge Bank component

DISHA Manager

  • Collaborate to develop meeting agendas
  • Assign action points to nodal agencies
  • Track action points and holds nodal agencies accountable

Constituency Dashboard

  • Observe the status/progress of various flagship central schemes (like SBM and MGNREGA)
  • Track various development indicators specific to the constituency (like health and education infrastructure).
  • Access data pertaining to both social indicators and performance of central schemes
  • User-friendly data visualizations available even at the block level

MPs using UPAAI

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