We build intelligent tools to transform data into actionable decisions

Today, there is an urgent need for immediate, real-time data, to make decisions that will create impact. Governments and organizations want to know where their resources will be best spent, and where interventions are most needed.

Problems with data

These problems result in

Perception-based decision making




Today, major institutions including Government of India, United Nations and Asian Development Bank are spending less than 5% of their total funds on data-based planning

Ank Aha solves these problems through data-driven and tech solutions to optimize decision making at all stages

How do we do it?


Where can I get this data? How can I organize this data better?

Deficiencies in readily available information requires effective data collection mechanisms. This data then needs to be cleaned and ready for analysis.

Ank Aha’s  Survey Manager application makes data collection easy and efficient. A unique feature of our application is the offline component that allows data to be collected and stored even when there is no Internet connectivity in the region. Further, our data cleaning tool ensure that large data sets can be made ready for easy analysis.


What does this data mean? How can I gain tangible insights from this?

Institutions often do not have the internal expertise to analyze all the tremendous amounts incoming data in a timely manner.

Ank Aha supports them by working on data analysis. We analyze incoming data sets to assess where there might be gaps and create visualizations such as heat maps, choropleth maps for comparative analytics and geo-tagged information.


How can I use this data to make long-term decisions? How do I best allocate my resources?

Once existing data points are clearly presented, they can be transformed into actionable insights. Insights are aggregated to anticipate trends, strategize interventions and efficiently utilize existing resources.

The Ank Aha team has developed dashboards for with key visualizations and insights that would promptly provide improved decision-making capacities for the user. We have also created impact simulations and forecasting tools for sustainable decision-making. We use data patterns that are coming in on a real-time basis, complement them with historically available data and preempt where there might be needs to make recommendations for subsequent actions.


What is the best way to use this data? How can I maximise my impact?

Ank Aha team recognizes that it is important to have data at one’s fingertips to be able to prepare a plan, monitor the implementation status of projects and take course corrective measures. An example of one of our optimization tools is UPaAI (Unified Planning and Analysis Interface). It is a platform that specifically targets developmental activities in the constituency and assists officials in coordination, monitoring and impact assessment of multiple projects.

Services we offer

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